Top 32 cheapest places to buy mens clothing online (with price table)

Good quality jackets

I searched for 3 weeks to find every single top menswear brand that delivers quality clothes for cheap, just so you wouldn’t have to.

Scroll to the bottom to see my table of the top menswear brands in order of average pricing and best bang for your buck.

What do you look for in clothes when on a budget?

You want to look out for 3 things when filling out your wardrobe:

  • Quality (is it something that will hold up for awhile?)
  • Price (is it at a price that warrants your purchase?
  • How fashionable is it (How much can you get out it really? Can you pair it with other things in your wardrobe? Or only one thing?)

Usually when on a budget, you may only get 2 out of 3 options with the above listed checklist, so ultimately, it will come down to your goals.

Some options may be obvious, others perhaps not so much. However I hope you find at least a few of the options down below to be of use.

* Asterisk = Brands/outlets that I particularly love & highly recommend.

What exactly is in this list?

This was all done as original research. I personally combed through each website and found the most and least expensive items listed (commonly listed, and not one-off oddball items like a +$5,000 jacket, which is not included in the below-average price range.) The list below only showcases the average price range that you will most likely pay within, when visiting each one of these brands.

I also crossed referenced each brand’s history (including their manufacturing methods and origin of textiles) – Are they part of fast fashion trends? Are they an ethical mainstream fashion brand etc.?

I have even included personal tips that I learned during my experience of using certain brands, along with highlighting some of my overall favorites. All these varying factors have been taken into account, and have contributed to the overall star rating that I have given each brand/outlet, based on their methods and the prices they are selling at.

Most affordable Menswear Brands/Outlets

1. H&M

H&M serves as a solid starting point for guys interested in developing their burgeoning fashion interests, for cheap. From dressier basics to streetwear centric pieces, H&M manages to lay out a fashion man’s simplistic “starter package”.

What makes their brand ideal for beginners (for better or worse) is their fast-fashion approach (much like Zara), as they manage to cater to current trends with their cheap textiles and constructions.

These aren’t investment pieces to die for, fellas. Rather this brand serves as an introduction for you to begin experimenting with. A cheap, replaceable one-stop-shop for hype trends and inevitable passé clothing.

H&M average pricing: $9-$100 for most major items (much cheaper if you live in Asia, where the majority of clothing is made anyway – hence reduced shipping and overall costs.)

H&M summary: The old (yet adequately knowledgeable) mentor to help teach you the basics – you’ll probably outgrow his wisdom fairly quick, however.

2. Asos

Another in-demand iteration of fast fashion, this time it being British giant Asos. Offering up current in-demand trends from it’s young and hip public – and the perfect catalyst through which to begin your “cheap” experimentation.

Serving up succulent offerings of mesh fitted breathable T’s, and sea blue fitted blazers – cafe racer jackets and varying styles of Athleisure wear. It’s painfully obvious which age range which this brand caters to.

Though you’d be remiss if you looked over this brand as one for only the high spenders, as despite its renowned image in being known for selling “high-quality fashion”, remember…it caters to young adults, whom most have no money to spend.

Gorgeous soft jersey organic cotton T-shirts starting at $7, with vintage pieces upping just shy of $30 & corduroy jeans at $40 – not too shabby.

Asos average pricing: $9.50-$300 (more off the rack suits and/or watches at the higher price points.)

Asos summary: A chic looking coked-up fashion dealer, who creates & sells the latest sh*t all day all by himself, and somehow manages to keep his costs down – you probably don’t wanna know how he does it. Very friendly tho.

3. Everlane

What makes Everlane a special bird among the flock of brands on this list? They’re not about volume, and/or going head to head with the world’s everchanging fashion trends.

Rather Everlane is its own menacing breed, one of whom focuses on longevity over fast fashion, and is considered one of the first mainstream ethical fashion brands out there (and they’ll let you know about it on their website too.)

Basically, Everlane is an all-encompassing brand that offers everything from T-shirts, to Denim, jackets, and underwear – all at pretty damn good prices to be honest, and supposedly should last you a while.

Everlane average pricing: $20-$100 (for most things)

Everlane summary: A try hard fashionable hippie, who goes out of his way to make his own eco-friendly clothing. He’ll brag about it no doubt, but ultimately his heart’s in the right place.

4. The Real Real

This one’s a little strange but kind of cool. At first glance, The Real Real may look more like a”high-end consignment store” (where you sell your clothes through their website, and they take a cut – thus “recycling fashion etc.”)

However “authenticated luxury” is what Real Real claims to be offering on their stores, from fashion to fine jewelry, watches & fine art. It’s quite the eclectic spread you gotta check out.

Prices go from $14 all the way up to the thousands (though they sell literally everything, so the prices will highly vary)

The Real Real average pricing: $14- $300 (for most clothing items)

The Real Real summary: If there was ever a strange high-end thrift store, this would be it.

* You do need to create an account in order to browse the site (through Facebook or otherwise – get $25 off first purchase order as a reward tho.)

5. eBay

You already knew this one probably, but I’m here to just remind you about it again!

They got sweet deals, fellas. And it is eBay after all, so you can count on finding deals of all kinds, all the time (at the time of writing this post I saw a fine Adidas hoodie at 50% off in a timed discount. They always have deals!)

Shirts for $14, belts for $10, shoes between $60-$100 and suits for less than $75. The style and niche’s are all over the place, but if you find yourself longing for more wardrobe variety (for cheap) – then you’d best check out this company’s underrated fashion stash.

eBay average pricing: $14-$100 for most things (the bigger the fashion item, likely the more expensive it’ll be.)

eBay summary: Basically a fashion dealer you know on your street, selling stuff from his shady looking (but treasure-filled) mini-van. How he’s selling a navy blue Tommy Jeans retro padded jacket for 80% off, you’ll never know – but you’ll buy it anyway.

6. Nordstrom Rack

Two peas of the same pod, Nordstrom Rack merely is an offshoot outlet where main company “Nordstrom” is able to sell off their “lesser popular” items, or items that weren’t sold initially and/or are out of season – it’s a giant clearance sale, essentially.

Still keeping in tune, however, with the same high quality of standards that the company is known for, at a fraction of the price.

I genuinely like Nordstrom. Their willingness to collaborate and try new things ultimately makes Nordstrom a “one-stop-shop” for sophistication and experimentation (also in their disposition to care for buzzy new startups like the Denim brand Revtown– I think is pretty cool. You can find Revtown on Nordstrom’s main website here.)

Hosting styles of varying footwear, watches, button-downs & more, all at Nordstrom Rack – one-stop-shop, baby.

Nordstrom Rack average pricing: $25-$400 (with a ton of constant sales even further dropping their prices – they just wanna get rid of their stuff.

Nordstrom Rack summary: A mad fashion scientist who dresses up in last season’s attire. Conducting numerous experiments at his multipurpose (American) designer made lab. No one likes his findings, though, so he’ll sell them to you for cheap – lucky you.

7. Uniqlo *

Uniqlo, seeks to make the “basics” cool again – as you’ll come to see with their utilitarian style. (Unrelated note: I adore them.)

Uniqlo is a “fast fashion” company that only loosely fits the descriptive term. Uniqlo keeps it simple, opting for convenience and practicality, yet somehow manages to retain a modicum of style, without even trying.

They bear no “statement pieces”, and aren’t interested in chasing any trends, rather opting to offer the basics with thoughtful details, and of solid quality, all for down to earth prices, too.

Uniqlo average pricing: $7.90- $150 (Unlike other brands, Uniqlo also has “technology” lined clothing, to help with sweat prevention, heat retention, water-resistance etc.)

Uniqlo summary: The old man around the block who brings about an air of warmness to him. Functionally dressed, and always timeless. Seemingly content with life and with himself, he keeps life simple – an alluring trait that you greatly admire.

8. COS

Modern, urban, chic…and Swedish. You come to COS when you simply want “more”. COS (abbreviation for “Collection of Style”), tries to conceptualize meaning behind their clothing, by striving to cultivate more inspiration and thought behind every industrial minimalist piece they create.

Real talk… this is a very artsy-fartsy brand. Though, ultimately, I think all their creativity and longing for more is a good thing – at least for our wardrobes.

Because COS is experimental as hell, often gathering inspiration from the most unlikely of places, pairing with strange designers and odd textiles in an effort to create an “ephemeral experience” through their clothing. COS is all about the “experience“.

Think of COS as high-end fashion, made accessible at lower-end prices.

Still expensive, but when you want something uber-trendy and awe-inspiring, with perhaps a hint of snooty artistic flare – forget (insanely priced) Balenciaga – and give (less insanely priced) COS a shot.

COS average pricing: $25-$200 (t-shirts between $20-40, hats at $50, and trousers at around the $100 mark.)

COS Summary: That strange family member who always makes his own Christmas gifts. Intelligence bordering on the eccentric – yet somehow, it works.

9. Gap

Alright here me out on this one. Yes there are a bundle of caveats, but ignoring the Gap completely just because it “isn’t where the cool kids shop anymore”, is absurd.

Best clothing items to buy at the Gap:

  • Buy Fitted Oxford shirts: (retailing at around $50, it is the quality stitching that makes it a must-havesee if you can nab it during a sale.)
  • Buy Mid-rise classic straight jeans: (all made of premium denim, and made with Gap’s “Washwell program” – a water-saving wash method that has spared millions of liters of water since 2016.)

Why I like Gap’s mid-rise classic straight jeans: Other places also offer premium denim products, but usually at nearly double the price, so that sucks.

  • Buy Straight Jeans with GapFlex: (good fit thanks to Gap’s Flex technology) with rave reviews – retailing at nearly $70
  • Buy Leather biker jacket: Retailing at a near cool $500, however a worthy investment as far as premium leather jackets go, and still at a more reasonable price point than other retailers out there, like Gap’s parent company – Banana Republic.

(Good to note: look to Gap over Banana Republic when looking for stylish jackets, as both will sell similar styles, yet with BR costing 20% more on average – due to BR choosing to position themselves as the “premium brand” over Gap.)

Avoid T-shirts from the Gap: A wide variety of pricey T-shirts that last only a few washes.

Avoid Sweaters: Questionable quality and issues of major shrinkage, for adults that is.

Cool discount tips!: Banana Republic, Old Navy & Gap each switch up promotions for 40% off numerous times per year, and during long three day American weekends.

Sign up to their online email newsletter to get notified of the sales!

Gap average pricing: $19.95-$200

Gap Summary: That old-timer whose lost much of his flare in his profession. But old habits die hard, and so if you look hard enough – you’ll see his brilliance shine through yet again.

10. Topman

Another UK trend driver, offering up everything for men – from suits to casual (indie-rock influenced) style ranges, along with of course varying footwear.

Topman is great if you’re going for the casual cool look, some would even argue Topman’s clothing quality is better than that of H&M’s (as the two brands are often compared to one another.)

Though here’s a caveat: Topman it seems is better in some parts of the world overall than it is in others, in regards to quality and price.

With some advocating for Topman’s skinny jeans whilst avoiding their tees, or their coats & jackets being a “hit and miss”. So see if your country is littered with anything good from Topman.

And look out for massive sales, because despite everything else ,this is one thing I know for sure – their sales are unreasonably massive, especially during winter seasons.

Topman average price: $8-$105 (t-shirts around 8$ with graphic tees going for around $18, shirts around $30)

Topman summary: That one wildcard of your friend group, at times you don’t know how you’re even friends with him, but during some tender moments – you don’t know how you’d live without him.

11. Poshmark (“Trailer” section of website)

Fuss free cheap listing & selling, American commerce giant Poshmark is the place to go when you want to sell your stuff. Similar to eBay if you value the “give & get paid” approach, over eBay’s more functional set up.

And this hub for people wanting to sell their clothes on a dime only means more variety in affordable clothing for us gentlemen.

Poshmark sells everything, watches, jewelry, bags, hats, money clips, and of course – clothes. $15 hats to $65 authentic “hexagonal classic” Ray-Ban’s (off from the standard $160 in price.)

And they have a whole bunch of tactics you can use for getting even cheaper deals, a real hustler’s website this is.

I found this juicy website where they show you how to score unbelievable deals at Poshmark on their website – It’s actually really cool! Check it out.

Poshmark average pricing: $10-$10,000 (best you just go on to their website. I promise you their site has stuff for everyone’s budget.)

Poshmark Summary: That hustler who always loiters around the office streets. You can always rely on him to have what you need underneath his massive +10,000 item stuffed trench coat, you’ll defo wanna bargain with him and see how much he’s holding out on you.

12. Nike

Yes I’m talking about the big “swoosh” brand, and no, contrary to popular beleif you can actually find good deals there.

Nike for some reason has an excellent sales section all throughout the year, and to top it off every few months they throw a crazy 25% off clearance sale. Also, you get free shipping when you sign up for a free NikePlus account.

So don’t just head to Nike and come back and whine that your boi lied to you. They have good stuff at affordable prices…just keep an eye out and remember to sign up with them when you actually get something – free shipping, come on now…

Nike average pricing: $25-$600 (Most shirts/ t-shirts/ hoodies will be between the range of $25 and $90 – though on one of their sales, these prices can plummet!)

Nike summary: That “in style” rich uncle of yours who let’s you (on occasion) borrow his fancy ass clothes, don’t worry though, he’s bound to get rid of his entire wardrobe come season’s end – so you’ll likely get his scraps (Nike scraps in this case though, so we ain’t complaining.)

13. Arket

Ethical fashion megalodon Arket (owned yet again by H&M), this brand offers curated collections in sustainable wardrobe components. This brand is trying to make you a more sustainable sartorial shopper.

Encouraging the public to recycle their garments and textiles, if you give your old clothes to Arket (at any one of their stores) they’ll ensure they make better use of it, and as a thank you – they’ll even offer you a voucher worth 10% off your next purchase with them.

So if you ascribe to the more minimalist approach to fashion and overall style, then Arket will likely be for you. And just like COS (another brand owned by H&M), you can bet this sustainable brand also offers modern luxury collections – at affordable prices.

And their efforts in making more sustainable clothing bodes well for us shoppers, as majority of their clothing preaches durable, long lasting quality.

With a heavy selection of styles so crisp, you’d think there’re designer. They even have a neat offering selection, where all clothes made within that section are 100% pre-used, recycled down fabrics (that Arket claims will last you a lifetime.)

Save the planet, and look good – win win.

Arket average price: $30-$300 (T-shirts at $30-$50, $60 recycled linen shirts & $40 recycled backpacks – all made with better quality and arguably more sustainable than parent company H&M)

Arket summary: Another hippe living in the words, whose somehow cracked the secret to crafting perfect clothing, and of which does not wither away in 6 months, is stylish – and recyclable! Though this hippie is a businessman after all, so he may or may not charge you a hefty fee or his stuff.

14. Amazon Fashion

Another chest filled to the brim with pirate booty, provided you are willing to dig.

Like everything on Amazon they, even have clothing. And with their insane search function, you really can sift through the digital mud to find the perfect deal for you – either through brands on amazon or just through random sellers.

Though do due your due dilligence and make sure the sellers are at least somewhat decent seeming.

Tips for buying on Amazon Fashion:

  • Filter out by Amazon Prime: You save yourself a lot of headaches by doing this, including many items (like ones from overseas) that will have odd shopping windows.
  • Read reviews: Don’t be a silly nonce, read the reviews. Sketchy English or less than enthusiastic reviews probably means you better keep looking.
  • Check the identity of sellers and origin of where the product is being shipped from: This small misstep can make a great $20 deal turn into a +$100 deal, with a 2-month delivery date.

Also, whatever country you’re in, try and see if the seller/and or product you’re interested in, is local. Or at the very least, make sure they have an expedient (fast) shipping policy.

(It’s always smart to look at what other inventory the seller has in store, as this can often give you a solid idea of how reputable they are.)

Read product descriptions: Obvious one for sure, but one that must be mentioned. Also for clothes, look for a sizing chart, as this way you’ll be able to find a better fit.

Amazon Fashion average pricing: $9-$500 ($10 Henley’s, $22 Wrangler jeans, $25-$100+ boots etc.)

Amazon Fashion summary: A giant outlet warehouse where all the clothes are scattered everywhere – it’s a terrifying mess. They might have some sweet items, though you’ll probably be there all day sifting through just to find em, will it be worth it?

15. J Crew

Come to J Crew if you’re looking for that preppy “new school-old school” country club vibe, with seemingly nice looking materials and stylish designs. “Quality fast fashion”, but with a questionable lifespan at best.

J Crew efficiently manages to convey the facade that it’s brand is doused in “luxury”, though that couldn’t be further from the truth – which for us buyers, is a good thing.

The neo-American visual appearance of J Crew’s style makes their seemingly inexpensive, cheap cuts of clothing seem more than they are. But in reality, this brand is okay, nothing special, just okay…

Their stuff will last, but like H&M, whose to say how long that’ll be.

But this brand is gold in my eyes due to it’s decent sartorial offerings that come with the massive ever occurring sales that plague this brand.

Sales, coupons and running outlet stores, seemingly at all times of the year – so you need to check it out.

J Crew average pricing: $12-$350 ($12 shirts, $20-$50 chinos, $100-$300 jackets etc. – but you need to see their sales, I don’t know how this brand makes money.)

J Crew summary: That try hard “Influencer” who you know isn’t as big as he pretends to be, though he’s ultimately not a bad dude, and he always gives you free stuff to show how “rich” he is, so you’ll let him have his fun, you get free shit out of it, so…

16. J. Crew Factory

Same brand, same clothes, just a little to a lot more shoddy in quality and materials, but perhaps more decently priced.

J Crew Factory outlet budles and bunches all their lower quality items for commercial sale through this store.

Quality of stitching, material and construction is almost guaranteed to be worse. As to how much worse – and if it’s warranted shopping somewhere else instead – is ultimately up to how desperate you are to sacrifice quality for pricing.

This brand is on this list, as they on occasion, do have some decent quality stuff, though aside from the aforementioned negatives, their sizing is also inconsistent, which makes shopping here a pain.

Best to keep this option in your back pocket and perhaps peruse their offerings once in a while in a nonchalant carefree kinda way.

J Crew Factory average pricing: $14- $150

J Crew Factory summary: That try hard “influencer’s” cousin, who has even less to offer than the original J Crew.

17. Target

Target is convientinet place where you can pick up some neat little style pieces, all while under a budget.

8$ graphic tees, $15-$25 Goodfellow & co. straight slim fit jeans, along with a whole bunch of deals and seasonal essentials (from a vairety of brands), to effectively make this place another solid one-stop-shop.

Despite it’s mall appearance, Target since it’s early days has come a long way. Now offering numerous collections like one from Merona, providinng quality budgeted items like slimmer ties and a house line of suits – all exclusive for sale at Target.

Though there are some things to buy and not buy:

Best fashionable clothes and accessories for men to buy at Target:

  • V neck sweaters: Best to get when on sale at around $20.
  • Dress socks: Socks by fancy brand Merona which you can get for around $2.50 a pair.
  • Dress shirts: Any one of Target’s dress shirt line, once again thanks to Merona’s meddling. Offering a wrinkle free, trim, modern selection of colors and palettes.
  • Henleys: Great quality, which is best to pick up when it’s on sale at around $12 or so.
  • Suits: Alright here me out. You will need to take it to the tailor for a better fitting after, but if you need a quick suit on a tight budget, you could do far worse.

Regarding Target’s selection of suits: Best avoid any black suit separate options, they look rather cheap. However, their grey models for the most part are solid looking. Be weary, but if you’re desperate, check it out.

  • Watches: Minimalist pieces like ones offered at Target by Timex will do the job for under $30, all while looking decent, and non-try hard (unlike Target’s other watch collections.)
  • Polos: Decent polos best to for when they’re on sale, don’t hold your breath for their impeccable quality (of which it isn’t), however, they’ll last you for a few years.
  • T-shirts: All great, and for around $8 a pop, what can you really complain about? Atheltic cuts, nice v-necks, just all-around solid, affordable, and nice looking.
  • Graphic tee’s: Again, be wary but with that being said, there’re are a few pieces of decent quality with of course the low price being a bonus. Just keep your eye out when around this section.
  • Belts: Affordable full leather belts for under $16. Just avoid any faux leather offerings. Check out this guide on how to manage, and what to avoid when dealing with leather here, if you’re confused.
  • Hats: Nothing much to say, they’re decent, but nothing fancy, if you need em.

Avoid: Jeans (which other brands offer better for the same price on sale), casual button-up shirts (which you can find better for less elsewhere), Neckwear (other than decent Merona ties sold at Target), khakis (not worth the price, also not updated with the times) & shoes (limited offerings with quality that’s subpar at best.)

Target average pricing: $2.50-$100

Target summary: A lovely little shop off the main road, in the middle of a “mostly cleared out” minefield. Walking around in the dirt post-war field in pursuit of that perfect tee shouldn’t cause you any problems, but that doesn’t mean you needn’t be slightly cautious where you step, still.

18. Buck Mason

“Timeless goods that stand the test of time” – coming from the company’s mouth themselves. And you know what? They’re kinda right…

Buck Mason is an American made brand that chooses not to fuss over the latest trends, but rather focus on selling the simple necessary staples for the everyman, all interchangeable with each other due to the brand’s natural mellow style.

You come to Buck Mason for it’s simple shades of quality hemmed t-shirts, buttons ups, oxfords, jeans & polos (also the best products in my opinion.) It’s top product is arguably it’s Vintage Tri-Blend Curved Hem Tee (the link will take you to the Buck Mason official website.)

This brand is not as royally eccentric as COS, or as cheap (and expandable) as H&M. Rather, it’s a middle-tier between the two that has quality American made clothing, at decent prices. Yes, some stuff is a little more expensive, and some are not – but I truly believe the majority is worth it.

If you wanna know why their T-shirts are so revered, here’s a link to The Daily website that goes into more detail.

Buck Mason average pricing: $25-$225 for most things. There is a +500$ sweet grain sundown flight jacket on offer though. (25-$75 t-shirts & shirts, $50 Henley’s & around $95- $145 jeans.)

Buck Mason summary: This brand is straight up the (burlier) American version of Uniqlo. That’s the most apt description I can give it.

19. Mott & Bow

Online premium jean makers offering quality denim cuts with an emphasis on simplicity, resulting in hand crafted high-quality jeans.

Mott & Bow firmly believe in ladening their jeans with a ton of science-backed into them such as steps involving the application of resin, to over curation, scraping & more.

At around $125 or less for their jeans, such brands like Levi’s is less – but Mott and Bow’s quality and makeup for this price I think is personally worth it long term.

But it’s not all just jeans, fellas. While quality denim is certainly their specialty, they also have a full fledged men’s clothing line (featuring classic tees, sweaters, sweats, shirts & more.)

T-shirts like their popular Classic Crew Driggs, their French Terry Sweatshirt Hooper and their Slim Down Button Graham shirt (at prices from the $30’s to the $90 range, respectively.) So they do have some variety, and most of their things stem quality with combed, pure, and/ or Peruvian cotton being the basis of fabrics in much of their clothing. – (All links lead to the Mott & Bow official website.)

So focus on their jeans, but just know that they do have more quality offerings if you’re in need, at fairly good prices.

Here’s a review of their denim & clothing lineup over at Honest if you need to look more into them.

Their online method of jean ordering is cool too. Buy 1 pair and they’ll send you a second waist size for free. Then keep the one you like and send the other back, already prepaid by Mott & Bow through UPS.

Check it out right here on their official website.

Mott & Bow average pricing: $30-$150 ($100-125 for khakis, jeans, $30ish for t-shirts & $100ish for sweaters.)

Mott & Bow summary: A Honduras bred craftsman & denim making madman, jack of all trades…and master of SOME – mainly the jeans, but also the tops. Can this man do no wrong?


Denim specializing American based brand that doesn’t boost their prices with any retail markup at 1/3 the retail price. DSTLD is a direct-to-consumer type of company.

Servin up denim and luxury closet essentials like jeans, jackets, shirts, t-shirts, joggers etc. Simple designs curated to give off the boutique feel without the boutique prices. DSTLD is goin for that “LA cool” look.

As I said, they have other things (all solid quality and made through ethical means), but you come to DSTLD mostly for it’s luxury Denim. Modern fabrics and super soft to the touch, coming in their signature neutral color palettes: black, white, grey, dark, light & medium wash denim. This brand is as sublime as any luxury denim labels on the market.

With denim prices all under $100 (a steal for denim of this quality, honestly.) And of course, you have their lineup of t-shirts, henleys & shirts with prices from the $30 range all the way up to the mid $80’s for their more complex pieces.

DSTLD Average pricing: $30-$150 (for most things.)

DSTLD summary: Every fashionable LA hipster ever, with the dress sense to match. Quality garments, though.

21. Suitsupply

The brick & mortar/online brand that cuts to the chase when it comes to purchasing any menswear tailored apparel, from suits to blazers & shirts…but mainly suits.

As is to (hopefully) be expected by their brand name, Suitsupply specializes in bringing to the public, affordable “off the rack” suits made with quality fabrics from highly revered European mills (like VBC, Ormezza & Angelico, to name a few.)

If you need any such type of top (blazers, shirts, suits) then this is the place for you. Stylish pieces (ones that your grandaddy defo never wore) with an aura of versatility added to them, in part, thanks to the soft shoulder lining that most of them come in – making it way more casual and wearable than suits generally ought to be.

Pieces will start around the $400 range (set to vary highly depending on the premium of the fabric), whilst jackets will range between the $400-$600 mark. Honestly quite decent when you consider the fit/fabric and quality.

Watch out for recommended alterations if you do decide to get any (in-store or virtual), as their in-house prices can rack up needlessly quick. Also a thing to note, this brand seems to cater to the “tall and slim” general audience, almost exclusively – now this is highly anecdotal, but something to note.

Suitsupply average pricing: $100-$400-$1000 (Custom premium shirts and such at around $99, full suits and certain jackets between $400-$1000 (such as their pure wool Washington suit or their wool-silk Mid Blue Havana suit.)

(All links will take you to the official Suitsupply website.)

Suitsupply summary: The worlds most obnoxious Euro “style-men” to ever exist, always trying his best to impress in his fashionable sartorial garbs. With so much style and quality going on, it’s only natural to become a little pompous.

22. Zara

Fashion company Zara offers up “hot” clothing, with ember flames twice as bright, yet half as long…

Yes, indeed Zara is yet another fast-fashion brand intent on selling trends through it’s affordable products (including basic classics such as tees & cardigans.)

As “fast fashion quality” goes, this brand marginally outdoes it’s rivals like H&M & Forever21. So if you like those types of style, you’ll probably get down with Zara too.

Coats & jackets will range anywhere between $100-$250 whilst their cotton shirts and pants will come around the $35-$70 price mark.

This company is a hit & miss, as a lot of their products will either exceed their price point or fall behind it miserably. They’ve got a whole lotta both: good & bad.

Though if you’re pressed for time, or are in need of something in particular, keep this store in mind. As you become more familiar with the brand/visual cues in their clothing quality, you’ll then be better able to steer towards pieces more worth your money.

Best shy away from their shoes, however (no grand reason – they just look too “plasticky” and misconstrued for their price point.)

Zara average pricing: $35-$300 for most things.

Zara summary: That trendsetter at your school who was always up to date with the latest “in” styles. Though at the expense of keeping up his everchanging image, he ended up resorting to wearing clothes of perhaps, less than decent quality.

23. Boohooman

Extension of internationl known discount aparel Boohoo – You go to them when you want to look “the look”, without the exorbitant price.

Modern designs with modest price tags, Boohooman definetly is a place to check out if you’re strapped for cash but want the latest trends at decent (and also crazy) cheap prices.

Hipster streetwear with offerings of ripped jeans, insanely cheap tees, average priced faux fur jackets and imitation suede tassel loafers (for under $20.)

In regards to quality, I think this brand is admirable with what it tries to achieve, however for some items like their “burgundy swim set”, don’t be surprised if one or two threads come loose after a few wears.

This brand truly makes a $100 go a long way, but for how much of a trade-off between quality and cost, you ask? I’d argue fairly small, but that’s just me (remember what the title of this article is.)

Boohooman average pricing: $5- $130 (the most you’ll shell out is for one of their outwear jackets.)

Boohooman summary: Seemingly “Made in China” apparel, though in the best way possible. You wonder how they constantly crank out trendsetting styles on a paupers budget, we’re sure it’s shady as hell – but $5 t-shirts are pretty cool…

24. Mango

Come for the multinational ripe dress sense that these Spanish lads are giving off, as Mango is surely the brand residing under your nose (that is, if you haven’t already heard of them.)

This brand is like the rest of em: Zara/ Forever 21/ H&M etc…except these guys do it different. This brand is the affordable retailer you go to for cool pieces that stray far from the word “basic.”

Basic tees, cotton Henley’s, turtlenecks ranging from $15-$35 for most (fabric also plays a role), light quilted coats, leather jackets (faux and real) with/without lapels, suede bomber jackets, shoes, and even genuinely nice accessories from the $45- $400 range.

The most most you’ll pay is for their higher-end jackets, my favorites are personally their Henley cotton t-shirts and their Black Denim Jacket – I really like the overall look of their Henley, however.)

Modern & smart pieces designed for the upscale playful rascals out there – that’s Mango. They do what Zara and the rest of em do, but do they do it better?…possibly.

(All links take you to the Mango official website.)

Mango average pricing: $15-$400 (as mentioned the most you’ll pay is for their higher-end designs like their Black Nape Biker Jacket. Higher price, but quality speaks for itself.

Something to note: Mango does not replenish its stock, but instead replaces its sold-out style with new looks. So if you see something you like, buy it soon, cuz you may not have the chance to later.

Mango summary: Chic high street sellers, offering up “battle briefcases” containing everything the stylish urban warrior needs, in one place. Shirts/jeans/shoes & even pajamas and jewelry – you might as well just start calling them your official “chic supermarket”, cuz they literally have all you need.

25. Goodfellow & Co.

A brand beholden to only selling at Target. Meet the exclusive, Goodfellow & Co…

A relatively new brand on the scene, selling men’s apparel and accessories – all under the mantra, “classic-meets-modern style.” And the crazy part is? None of their clothing has that “bought at Target” look, yet their prices are very much are “Target approved”.

J Crew strettwear aesthetic, with extremely cheap prices that rival Uniqlo and H&M’s specialty (which are in offering quality-ish clothes for low prices.) Yet the quality of Good Fellow & Co is superb, especially for the price.

$10 or less for their tees, less than $30 Denim along with their cheap Henley’s, and $25 or less for their button-downs. Not to mention everything else like their jackets, sweats, pajamas, activewear, and accessories – also, all for truly great low prices.

The most you’ll pay is just south of $100 for their jackets most likely, like this Chamonix Tabre Mens Parka. But even then, that’s still pretty damn good.

Meet Goodfellow & Co – The most random yet brilliant thing ever to come out from Target.

Goodfellow & Co average pricing: $6-$100 (this is probably one of the best options on this list if you’re truly on tight budget.)

Goodfellow & Co summary: One of those underrated underground shops at the back of a random alleyway, yet once inside you’ll never understand how there’re not more popular.

26. Forever 21

The epitome of fast fashion itself, Forever 21 aims it’s trend offerings to the young and gratified-addicted hip public. Frankly I don’t know how they do it…

Personally I’d argue that Forever 21 is just as good as any other fast fashion retailer on this list, their style/quality/pricepoint is much the same as H&M frankly speaking. If you like H&M then you’ll like this brand just fine, and vice versa etc…

What about key differences? Well there is one. Most retailers buy in bulk from their manufacturer, thus having excess products to giveaway at some end-of-the-year sale when time comes, Forever 21 doesn’t do this.

Much like fashion brand Mango, Forever 21 purchases limited supplies from their manufacturer, so unlike H&M, where you wouldn’t have to wait long for the restocking of the same product – if something sells out at Forever 21, that’s most likely it.

Forever 21 average pricing : $9-$100 for most things.

Forever 21 summary: A hip urban individual who knows the latest trends and latest memes, casually sippin on some fairtrade coffee in a hipster cafe – whilst on TikTok. This guy is known as the “cool” one in his friend group.

27. UpWest

Imagine the summer breeze, and you under a pocket of shade, entrenched in a hammock and a good book between your grasp – that’s this brand’s aesthetic basically.

With an ethos of “enriching your life through comfortability in clothing”, this brand markets themselves (as what could only be described) as “higher-end comfort wear.”

Offering mute basics, expect to find cream-colored henley’s, quilted shirt jackets, flannels & more.

Don’t expect any motorcycle jackets, or in demand fast fashion equivalent nonsense. This is the brand you shop for before you head up to camp at Yosemite with the lads.

They even have a “Relax & Unwind” section selling candles, bath oils, and even CBD (short for “Cannabidiol”) products, so that right there should give you a sense of this brand’s laidback charm.

And this direct-to-consumer brand does it all in a calm, eco-friendly fashion, ensuring quality clothes, at fairly decent prices for what this company is.

UpWest average pricing: $30-$150 ($30ish t-shirts/$60ish sweaters/$80 and up outerwear jackets)

UpWest summary: You already can imagine this brand in your head. Laidback LA dude, smoking a j*int, and camping in the woods/and or surfing across the coastlines of California’s beaches – he’s also an avid environmentalist (quite the showoff he is.)

28. Muji *

“Muji itself is a special existence” – according to Kenya Hara, the art director of 15 years over at Muji. And I have to agree with his statement.

Japanese brand Muji is known for it’s simple branding across all homeware, funiture, supplies, and of course, it’s fashion. To me, Muji is one of the few places people go shopping, without a specific item in mind, and that’s rare for a brand.

This company bears no logos on their products, they keep it extremely subtle, and don’t chase hypes or trends, they just “are.” Jackets, hoodies, cardigans, tees, and even cotton stretch jeans are what you’ll find here.

All their plain colored products are priced at fair amounts, consisting of quality materials like pure cotton and french linen. Not too much or too little, but fair. Muji just all around is a solid place to shop at.

This brand isn’t just a “budget friendly” place for clothes, but really anything else for your apartment/house that you need.

Muji even makes/sells eco-friendly prefabricated huts! How cool and super random is that? (link will take you that talks about their huts.)

Muji average pricing: $12-$150 ($12ish for simple tees, $20-$30ish for shirts, $60 and up for jackets etc…)

Muji summary: To be frank – it’s like Muji just took over the world, without anyone really realizing it, and now it just “is.” And I freakin love it.

29. Carhartt WIP *

Carhartt WIP – not to be confused with Carhartt, is a division of the latter mentioned Carhartt brand, one of the first companies to pioneer quality, functional “workwear” in the U.S.

Except Carhatt WIP specializes in modern streetwear, subbing out heavy duty material items for more lightweight and sleek fabrics, vying for the more casual sarotiral route, yet again with quality in mind.

And truth be told, they know what there’re doing. From fashionable joggers to cotton blue denims, heavy lining cotton tees and fuzzy pile lined Mentley jackets & parkas – essentially workwear aesthetic with a more lax stylistic approach.

Their stuff like their acrylic rib knit beanie after countless washes remains steadfast in it’s original form, no loose strings or anything. The same goes for anything else that I’ve tried from theirs. There’re not over the top, but not minimalistic either in their approach as a fashion company – there’re in the middle.

There’re a little bit higher tier in price point than perhaps Zara & Top Man, but this brand is quality, quality, quality. So maybe buy your tees somewhere else, and save the bigger ticketed items (where quality is more of a concern) for Carhartt WIP.

Carhartt WIP average pricing: $40-$400 ($40ish tees, $80ish and above for shirts, $120ish for joggers & $180 and up for jackets.)

Carhatt WIP summary: That friendly “quality control freak” repairman of yours whose suddenly decided to ditch his handyman trusty overalls and start his own trendy fashion line…strange part is, it’s actually working.

30. Urband Outfitters BDG

An in-house label within Urban Outfitters, meet one of it’s staples known as BDG.

Urban Outfitters already is a moody character driven company, where it’s audience consists of hip young things that relish in UO’s idiosyncratic mixing between pleasure and business, lifestyle and “luxury”. And their BDG label is no exception

BDG offers a range of premium denims, authentic fits and vintage washes, all focused on redeveloping classic pieces with contemporary twists. Expect denim and casual styling in this section of their brand.

But also, expect nothing but quality from these fashion “mad scientists”, who rival Swedish brand COS, and their level of “artistic flare” in regards to how they approach fashion. This brand is another hella weird one, and I like it.

BDG washed recyclable Dad jeans, Grey Borg lined hoodies, Corduroy shirts and dark wash in-house BDG cotton denims – style trending yet blossoming with quality, with of course an uptick in price.

This is one of the more premium brands on this list that favor more on quality…at the price of retail value. Though not crazy, some jeans will stem around $50 whilst jackets may hike up well past the $100 mark.

Urban Outfitters BDG average pricing: $50-$140

Urban Outfitters BDG summary: Lovechild of COS & Boohooman with their favoritism for their denim’s and their mad “artsy fartsy” approach to fashion as a whole. BDG was defo the weird kid in his class…but now all grown up, is balling in his eccentric mansion, guess that weirdness payed off.

31. Jomers

Menswear made with premium fabrics and high-quality construction, and this brand is mostly true to that statement.

Their stuff may be a little more on the pricier side, but it’s not out of this realm, compared to, for example the “Carhartt WIP” brand (where it could be $40ish for a starter t-shirt etc.)

Quality cut sweaters/shirts & pants, with the material changing often along with their inventory shift, one minute it’s pure cotton, next is Japanese cotton and so on etc.

Their style is mostly for the smarter dressed men who like to keep a low profile, as their lineup features mostly plain unobtrusive colors, however, they’re also not afraid to possess some showier pieces like for their fleece sweatshirt options.

The designs and fabrics, quality and materials are all on par with that of a similar brand, SuitSupply, but it is half or even a third of the price, which is kind of nuts.

And their secret? They don’t hold much stuff, so if you see something, buy it soon cuz very often they don’t come back.

Average pricing: $30-$60-$250 ($30ish for shirts, sweaters, and even pants. Though some items like their suit jackets will be around $250.)

Jomers summary: A simple small-town clothes shop owner who doesn’t hold or possess much in his store, though what he does have, is f*ckin great. He’s also a little experimental, so each time you come, he’ll most likely have new styles and quality fabrics for you to try, which is also pretty cool

32. Dressmann

This one is pretty much for any Euro readers out there, as I found this little lovely brand during my time in Denmark, and it seems as though this brand resides only in the EU.

This nordic brand seems to opt for “integration” in regards to their plain yet vivid styles of jacket down parkas, cotton shirts and flannels, chinos and pants.

These are items you can pick off the rack and begin wearing instantenously, as their seemingly brandless by nature, and of overall solid quality with long lasting materials to boot.

There’re not your cheapest option, or most forward trendy brand (I doubt Dressman even has any interest in those things), though the prices for the quality of wardrobe items that this brand is selling, is ultimately pretty sweet.

Their offerings of jeans as well, are between $40-$70 for fair trade cotton jeans, which is honestly pretty good. They also have a off the rack suit section that’ll range from $250 upwards, though I never tried them so I will not speak for that section.

The last thing i bought there was this lovely olive green tech bomber jacket, which was around $80 when I bought it. Now it’s nothing fancy or amazing, but when cold weather comes knocking, I still wear the hell outta that thing, no regrets.

Dressmann average pricing: $15-$270 (price converted from £.)

Dressman summary: Just a lovely lil Nordic fair trade maker, hemming away at whatever sartorial god’s honest work he does best. He’ll charge you a little more cuz it’s all “pure” and from his own two hands, but you know the quality is most likely worth the up-mark in price (he’s low key running a hipster shop if you think about it.)

Top Menswear brands ranked on their own quality/price point

We are not comparing prices between brands, we are simply looking at the individual prices that these brands are charging at, and whether or not they are worth it for the products they are selling.

Let’s take a look…


Quality for the price

Average price you'll spend




$14-$300 (consignment store)
$25-$600 (Look for sales.)
$9-$500 (gotta dig though)
$14-$150 (Approach with caution)



$15-$270 (converted from £)

Brands to avoid?

Now look here, I really did spend weeks researching and finding all the best brands to include in this list.

And so naturally in my pursuits, I found some brands that perhaps had an overwhelming influx of either terrible reviews, or enough negative news/ articles on them to make me wary of including them on this list, at all.

And whilst I did want to include on what to avoid, I’m not a lawyer – and so to paint any brands on this list in even a slightly negative light – worried me as to the legal repercussions I could face by doing this in the future. This is why i didn’t include them.

Forgive your boi, I do feel slightly terrible for not including what to avoid. But internet law is a scary thing, fellas. And I’m just a writer...

Though hopefully, the list above should help you enough to get you started on your sartorial renaissance, for cheap.

“I only gamble with my life, never my money.”

The Mummy (1999)

You needn’t blow your load of greens $$$ on pointless style pieces if you don’t have the money to afford it yet anyway. And until then, you’re best off gambling with time off your life (over your money) – at least when it comes to finding quality menswear deals, for cheap.

Stay Rogue.

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