Like I mentioned somewhere on this site before, you don’t need a ton of dough to be stylish, but you need a little creativity. Below are my recommendations for styles in clothing that hopefully will not break the bank.

My choices below are what I think to fit the aesthetic mold of a Rogue Gentlemen, allowing you to effortless draw nearby attention and intrigue through your subtle yet alluring wardrobe attire.

Ultimately it’s not about the attention you bring, but rather the attention to detail you bring about upon yourself. Refine what makes you, YOU -to the utmost, and the rest will come.

Below are my recommendations…


I was raised in Asia most of my life, which meant that finding inexpensive clothing made of good quality was really not and option for me. However once I moved to the US (where things were not only more expensive) but also colder (meaning more money having to be spent on suitable high-quality clothing) – did I realize the need to be able to know where to shop when it came to finding affordable clothing.

And on top of that, finding specific clothing that meshed with my specific Rogue style, all while under a budget. And so below are my top picks in jackets (amongst other things) that I deem to be of solid quality, and style cohesive, in regards to Rogue Chivalry’s brand aesthetic.

To start things off easy, my first pick comes in the form of Men’s Ma-1 Skymaster Mid Length bomber jacket by Alpha Industries.

Extremely lightweight, durable, and even waterproof with the fabric comprised entirely of nylon (important to know in a second.)

This jacket is slightly more expensive than most, however it’s build and quality will soon explain it’s price markup.

Why I picked the Ma-1 Skymaster Mid Length bomber jacket: In my opinion everyon needs at least one bomber jacket, when it’s cold but not cold enough or during trepid windy moments that leave you freezing to your core (despite it being summer), or even during cold moments on the plane (where space is a luxury.)

I picked this jacket as it’s build emphasizes lightweight and durability, with it’s waterproof exterior and it’s light 100% nylon fabric makeup rather than the usual polyester route most bomber jackets go for (nylon is softer but also more durable than polyester.)

For a man like me, always on the go, in hot and cold climates, jackets like this one are the perfect intermediary route to pick, combining the right amount of weight without it being too hot to layer up in, and at the same time avoiding that dragged “puffed up” look that some bomber jackets tend to emulate.

The perfect layer for mid tier weather, with the ability to accessorize and stow away in tight spaces if need be (though I’d always advocate for hanging all your jackets properly when you can, but having the option is nice.)

Leather jacket general maintenance Conditioners/Sprays/Waxes

Lubricating sprays

Atsko’s Silicone Water-Guard is one of my top picks as the only thing that outshines its reviews is it’s below $10 price point. Here is a link to it on Amazon for you to check out if you’re interested.

Or if you wanna get a little bit fancy, here’s one by Collonil for under $20 (link to Amazon)

Collonil has over 900 reviews putting it at a 4 and a half star rating (works on waterproofing numerous things too.) Here is the link to Amazon.

COLOR LOCK leather care is the best if you’re looking for a more all-in-one leather care and waterproofing oil product at near $30 (link to Amazon.)

It is also one of the highest rated products out there, and comes without the hassle of having to buy everything separately.

Though I’ve noticed that it’s not always available on Amazon for some reason, so that’s why I tend to mix it up with Bickmore Gard Stain Repellent (link to Amazon.)

Bickmore Gard Stain Repellent (link to Amazon): Under $15

This is your second best contender and at half the price! And it’s also another multifaceted powerhouse, working on leather, suede, felt, nubuck, and more!


Duck’s Wax (link to Amazon): Under $20

Duck’s Wax will be your best bet as a natural treatment product, and at near 12 pounds at a 4 and a half star rating, you could do far worse. Reviews are top-notch too!


KevianClean Complete Leather Cleaner and Conditioner (link to Amazon): Under $30

Add this URL info later for conditioners when available.


V Necks

Below are my best picks for V neck t shirts, and ones which I think will suit you well if you’re as into wearing V necks as I am, or if you’re simply daring to go bold and try something new.

Ultra Soft Premium Short Sleeve V Neck Tee by INTO THE AM (link to Amazon): Under $20

Men’s Muscle T-Shirts Stretch V Neck by COOFANDY (link to Amazon): Under $20

Slub Curved Hem V-Neck Tee (link to Under $40

Soft Everyday Tee by BONOBOS (link to Under $30

Men’s Long Sleeve V Neck Tee by Psycho Bunny (link to Amazon): Between $55-$75


Coming soon…

Clothing best suited for those who sweat

Coming soon…

Men’s Classic Style Bundle Starter Pack (for those who lack style)

What is classic style? Classic style are staple warddrobe pieces that will be forever timeless, unlike fast fashion trends.

Why every man should have staple classic style pieces? How can you effectively learn what is style before learning the fundamentals style itself? Having classic style pieces first and foremost will allow you to effortlessly wear and re-use clothing that is not only stylish, but that won’t clutter your wardrobe…as you won’t need as much.

By having staple pieces in your wardrobe, you’ll de-clutter your room, your mind, and frankly…dressing up will never be a chore anymore – as you’ll have learnt the fundamentals of it all.

What does the classic bundle starter pack have? This bundle down below has everything that is essential for a man’s wardrobe in terms of clothing, from certain types of jeans to classic fitted white tees, to certain blazers and shirts in certain colors – with the goal being to have the most options with the least amount of clothes…as why make “style” stressful? It should be fun.

In theory, the below options should allow you to never worry about being un-fashionable again, as you won’t need anything else. But of course that idea is boring (and “style” should be fun), so get the fundamentals right, first, and then put your own spin on it.

Male classic bundle starter pack coming soon…


My thought process for shoes is I want something that will suit my lax attitude and playfulness, but at the same time hold up enough so that I won’t have to think about going home to change, should my day or night suddenly involve hitting up a more upscale venue or event (where the dress code may perhaps be less forgiving.) A multi facted shoe in a sense, but nothing too crazy.

Now of course everything has it’s place, but below are certain staples that I admire and adore, and think every man could benefit from having some of these wardrobe staples to pick from, and that would go with a cross array of style options.

White shoes

Everyone needs a simple pair of white casual footwear, just like the need to have at least one white shirt, it’s a colour staple that provides you with more style options from the simple fact that plain colours like white or black go with most things.

This is an instance where the type of shoe isn’t so much as important as simply having a white shoe, however quality and comfort matters, so below are my top picks.

Lacoste Mens Gazon Sneaker (click to see the price on Amazon) – A simple white lifestyle shoe, good for casual goings but due to it’s build and design can hold it’s own for more business casual events.

Why I pickled Lacoste Gazon Sneaker: This model is one I’ve been wearing recently and absolute love it, it’s simple yet elegant, snug fit and even accentuates my long legs with it’s even more slim profile. What I really like about this model is it’s vulcanized outsole, which allows me to walk for ages with guaranteed comfort throughout (some slim profile shoes lack enough ample sole cushioning which can pave way for feet fatigue build-up, not my Lacoste Gazon’s, however.)

I absolutely relish at the sight of this model, and will continue to include at least a pair as part of my wardrobe staple.

Below is another white model set of shoes I highly reccomened, from Lugz.

Lugz Men’s Clipper Sneaker (click to see the current price on Amazon) – Ain’t nothing fancy or special other than the fact that I simply admire the plain sterile look, with little fuss or frills that these shoes provide. Also cheap, useful and of the slip-on variety – which I’m always a sucker for.

I know not everyone likes slip-ons, however, so below is a beautfiul laced pair of white shoes by Vans.

Vans U Authentic Unisex sneakers (click to see the current price on Amazon) – Pure white, comfy soles, and a price from a revered company that doesn’t break the bank. I even tried looking for other options, but ultimately, casual footwear is something that Vans just excels in. And I’ll always have a soft spot for them.

And don’t be put off by the unisex label, I’ve found that label to allow more variety in footwear as the design (by nature) has to accompany more variations to appease and suit varied gendered folk (which ultimately means more options for you and me.)