Wearing elevator shoes to a job interview: Ultimate guide

Man wearing elevator shoes

It’s not just about your impressive resume, it’s about your character, level of candor, and lastly…physical presence. This is where wearing elevator shoes could benefit shorter guys or those who lack confidence.

For men under the global height average of 5 foot 7/176.5cm or greatly under their own countries’ national height average, wearing elevator shoes for a job interview makes sense. Studies show taller men to benefit in earnings and first impressions in regards to the workplace, due to numerous psychological and anthropological factors associated with being taller.

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Is it okay to wear elevator shoes?

We all have preconceived notions as to how the world perceives us, and if that aligns with our perception of self, or not. Though unfortunately for most, this is rarely the case, and much like a shorter woman in stiletto heels, there is no shame in wanting “a little more”, for either sex. And this holds especially true when it comes to men wearing elevator shoes.

Elevator shoes are a realistic solution for shorter men looking to elevate their height, and along with it, inherit a plethora of internal & external benefits that will come from wearing them. Such as increased confidence and a larger physical presence.

Fashion first and foremost is a representative statement, one that has been used to illustrate the differences in styles, beliefs, social strata, and beyond for millennia. However, to understand and comprehend why we wear what we wear, it would help to understand the why of it all.

Why wear elevator shoes and what are the benefits?

It would help to stress first and foremost that one should never let his image be tainted by public perception. However, to play it smart, you’d do best to make your god-given traits (good and bad) work for you, in this case – and that is precisely what Don’s Footwear is all about.

The reason why elevator shoes are fashion’s best and worst kept secret is simple – when they’ve done their job you’ll never know of their existence, but when they are badly made…that’s when you (and the world) will hear about it.

The real value in well-crafted elevator shoes lies in the innate design and melding of the wearer’s foot to the personalized sole of his elevator shoe. A bespoke elevator shoe is more ergonomically designed with beneficial features like mid-insoles to help prevent insole deterioration, along with outer sole support to help cater to your unique individual step.

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Like that of a sword to a knight or a rifle to a soldier, a pair of well-crafted elevator shoes will rise to become more than your simple pair of “high-heeled footwear”, rather, they will evolve to become an extension of you, elevating your height in ways such that nobody will take notice in. 

Benefits of wearing elevator shoes

Shorter men fear not! For not only will you gain some height and look stylish still, but you’ll also be pleasantly surprised as to the many benefits wearing elevator shoes will have on you. 

Such as:

  • An instant rise in confidence (making you more assertive, more relaxed, and freer.)
  • Posture (elevator shoes are designed to promote better posture whilst protecting the knees and backs, allowing you to walk straighter.)
  • You’ll feel more positive and assertive (the beauty of confidence is that it perspires through the other facets of life, aiding and improving you and yourself overall.)
  • An increase in social presence (a social magnet of a man is effectively a “man on a mission” – or at least it’ll feel that way as your allure will entice all those curious) 
  • An increase in height is inherently more attractive (height is a boon to attraction, so while not “fair” in any sense of the word, and not a necessary prerequisite, it most certainly helps to have some.)

And at Don’s Footwear, we provide that and more with a design scheme that adds on to the quality standard that you can expect with high-end affordable footwear, except we take it one step further…

Benefits of wearing elevator shoes from Don’s footwear 

  • Firmer heel counterpoint (strengthening the heel cup area to aid in walking.)
  • Wider toe box area (helps accommodate toe spacing without added pressure.)
  • Non-squish long-lasting PU leather insert (aiding foot realignment, helping with gradual inflammation buildup to the knees, hips, and lower back.)

Something to note is that of Don’s Footwear’s inclusion of PU (polyurethane rubber) made inserts over what the majority of other brands use – which is EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) foam. 

Unlike with the use of EVA foam, PU will not squash and crimple over time, but rather retain its shape, ensuring inserts helmed from Don’s will retain their height boost and remain comfortable, for longer.

As is hopefully evident by now, with a trove of innate benefits that elevator shoes can offer, you’d be hard-pressed to find a real reason not to purchase a pair (or two.)  

After all, for an interview, I would take every chance I could to make a positive first impression. 

How many inches can shoe lifts add? 

In this day and age, one can snag and purchase virtually any surgical enhancement on the menu, for most parts of the body. Such as the ludicrous endeavor know as “limb -lengthening surgery” But just know, there are easier options for shorter folk, which should be shoe lifts.

Most common shoe lifts can add ½ an inch up to 3.5 inches to your height, with certain brands providing inbuilt “height adjustment” features to allow for on-demand height fluctuation. 

Shoe lifts can be a solid option for guys looking for a quick yet discreet height boost for an affordable price. And shoe lifts are a viable contender for men looking to foray into the shallow end of “height adjustment footwear.” 

With solid options available online like the Adjustable 5-layer height insole option by Dr. Foot (link to Amazon) you’ll only need to buy one pair, as it features a “5-layer removable design”, composed of washable silica gel, and suits a variety of shoes for both sexes, and all for the lowball price of less than $12. Adjustable up to 1.2 inches in height.

Or for shorter stellar men looking for more than a 1.2-inch shoe lift, we’d recommend the 3 Layer Air up Shoe Lift by QUXIANG (link to Amazon.) This “Amazon’s Choice” shoe lift is composed of solid reviews, with inbuilt air cushions and removable soles. Priced at under $15.

Why shoe lifts are best used as only a temporary solution

Shoe Lifts are inexpensive, quick to implement, and their ability to be inserted into most shoes makes their value for money incredible. However, there are some drawbacks with shoe lifts that make them at best, a temporary solution. 

Shoe lifts and heel lifts have been around for ages, most commonly used as a longstanding treatment for patients with various limb lengthening discrepancies, achilles tendinopathy, and/or plantar fasciopathy (what came around for the sake of “fashion”, only came later as a subsequent result.) 

Though a large portion of literature over the past 60 years has begun surfacing that goes against the argument of using shoe lifts long term, including affected “gait” changes, muscle activity, and balance, when in conjunction with prolonged shoe lift usage- whether that be for “recreational use”, or otherwise. 

According to PodiatryToday.com high heel shoes can cause a whole host of changes to the wearer due to prolonged use of heel lifts, including:

  • Gait changes (increasing the risk of traumatic falls and inversion ankle sprains
  • Increased contractile activity of calf musculature
  • Increased pressure under the calcaneus (A.K.A. the “heel bone”) can reduce support of the shoe or insole under the arch of the foot.

Not to mention, as with anything in life, with an abundance of options and choices to choose from, they’re just so many more ways that shoe lifts can go wrong. Each brand has certain standards and guidelines on what they think is a “good” shoe lift. There is no true 100% consensus across everything (not truly.)

And we both know it’s doubtful as to whether these brands have done extensive enough R&D on their products to know how they would have contributed to your foot’s health in 10, 20, even 30 years down the line. Because let’s be honest, who has the time or money for that?

Not to mention some shoe lift products are just downright “not acceptable” (to put it politely) and/or simply don’t work the same way for everyone out there.

To further prove my point, check out some customer ratings for various shoe lifts I found on Amazon:

As you can tell from the reviews, they’re all over the place! Some shoe lifts work great for certain people, those same shoe lifts won’t work for others, even of the same height. There’s no one model consensus for what’s the best shoe lift since everybody has different feet.

What do we think of shoe lifts in general?

Shoe lifts are great if you’re in a pinch, or for an interview and you need quick results.

But here’s the thing...

You shouldn’t rely on shoe lifts forever, because remember, everybody’s foot is different. The problem with shoe lifts is that they’re mass-produced, which means they are not custom fit for you. 

This is why elevator shoes overall are a smarter investment for shorter guys, or anyone needing a confidence boost.

Are 2 inch lifts noticeable? – The bare minimum

When one dares to toy with their default height (especially for an interview), it is best to do so discreetly, especially when using shoe lifts. But how much shoe lift is too much, and is a 2-inch shoe lift noticeable? 

2-inch lifts are noticeable as they border on the line of being just enough for most people to notice (provided they already know you.) For perspective, 2 inches is almost half the length of an iPhone SE model, so as is the case, a 1-inch lift is discreet enough, 2 inches or more and you’ll risk getting “noticed.” 

However if we refrain from speaking in a general context and get more specific, certain top brands have managed to “fix” this problem entirely – such as over at Tall Men Shoes or even Charamipa (link to their websites.)

The problem with shoe lifts and regular elevator shoe brands 

The problem with many shoe lifts is that they’re mass-produced, and not specific enough for your feet. They are also generally made in such a way that the heel incline – if too steep – can become noticeable quickly. 

With elevator shoes, however, it is rather that their distinct design makes it inherently obvious that they are elevator shoes, which can be problematic for some (as many would prefer that such a thing remain secretive.) 

This is why it is essential to pick reputable brands that don’t merely “moonlight’ in the elevator shoe business, but ones that specialize in it entirely.

It’s an eccentric niche for sure, and therefore requires more time and dedication to study and master. 

The best brands for your elevator shoe problems

Chamaripa and Tall Men Shoes are the best high-end elevator shoe websites that provide you with quality elevator shoes, as they literally only focus on making men taller…that’s it!

Like we said, most brands out there simply moonlight in this niche…to make money.

To take advantage of your insecurites and pain. But not brands like Charamipa & Tall Men Shoes, as they not only specialize in elevator shoes…they only do elevator shoes.

You wouldn’t go to a dentist for a back surgery would you? So why are you going to shoe brands that don’t even specialize in the elevator shoe niche?

You need a specialist to help you out, so let Chamaripa and Tall Men Shoes help YOU. Here’s a link to their About Us page so you can see for yourself why there’re the best:

  • Link to Charamipa About Us page (scroll to bottom of page)
  • Link to Tall Men Shoe About Us page

Don’s best height increasing dress shoes: For an interview

Below are our top picks from CHAMARIPA & Tall Men Shoes designed to help give you the visual edge for every situational scenario possible, in regards to making the perfect first impression.

Best elevator shoes for a corporate interview:

CMR CHAMARIPA Nubuck Height Increasing Shoes For Men Dress Elevator Shoes Black 8CM / 3.15 Inches

CALTO – Y6012 – 2.4 Inches Taller (Black)

CMR CHAMARIPA Elevator Shoes For Men Height Increasing Dress Shoes Leather Wing-Tip Oxford In Black 8CM/3.15 Inches

CALTO – Y6116 – 2.4 Inches Taller (Brown)

CMR CHAMARIPA Height Increasing Elevator Shoes For Men High Heel Men Dress Shoes Brogue Oxford In Brown 8CM / 3.15 Inches

CALTO – S3033 – 3.0 Inches Taller (Black) – Super Lightweight

CMR CHAMARIPA Height Increase Suede Shoes Black Hidden High Heel Men Dress Shoes 8 CM / 3.15 Inches

CALTO – S3506 – 3.0 Inches Taller (Black) – Lightweight

CMR CHAMARIPA Dress Elevator Shoes For Men Black Height Increasing Derby Shoes 7CM / 2.76 Inches

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“The secret impresses no one. The trick you use it for, is everything.”

-The Prestige (2006)

You want your employer to yearn for your reassurance that you are the “right” person for the job. This means your aura of oozing “can do” attitude will serve you best when it’s echoed outward, in the form of your dress sense, style, height, and all. 

Stay Rogue.

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