Can men wear anklets?

Man crossing his legs wearing an anklet.

Social conditioning, or an unruly style trend unfit for men alike? I’m willing to bet it’s the former, however, can men pull off wearing anklets?

Men can absolutely wear anklets, just as they would a bracelet. However, like most men’s jewellery, keep it minimal and with a low profile design, whilst avoiding any clutter by wearing too many.

While the verdict is out on men wearing anklets, like many things in style, there are a few rules and guidelines you’d best off knowing before taking the plunge.

How many anklets should you wear?

First off, remember that there are many similarities between anklets and bracelets, and with them, the materials they’re made of. You can procure them in gold, silver, platinum, leather or even hemp – this matters depending on how “showy” you wanna be with your anklets.

(The more showy, the better off you are wearing less overall.)

Despite the most common materials of gold and silver being used to hem anklets (for over millennia), the 21st century has seen as resurgence in leather being added to the list, at least in terms of men’s interests on the subject of favorable types of wearable material.

Leather is where it is at, bois…much like as it is for bracelets.

And like bracelets (and men’s style accessories in general), minimalism is almost always the best way to go, no matter the style in question.

However, maybe you’ve never ever worn an anklet before, and you’re completely unsure of what to do, if that’s the case keep on reading…

I mentioned earlier that anklets are like bracelts, and so if this is your first go at donning an anklet, then you can apply the same mindset as you would when wearing bracelets.

And I’m almost certain, unlike anklets, most guys growing up have worn a bracelet, at least once in their life.

And just as it is recommend for bracelets, one or two being most appropriate for the wrist (and not 10) – this same rule can be applied to wearing anklets.

Wearing one anklet will already make you standout in a subtle light, covertly catching the attention of others, without even trying…this is what you want.

Not to say you shouldn’t wear what makes you feel most at ease, or to conform to public perception on what is socially acceptable…however the problem with wearing more than one anklet on one leg is it makes you look a little too try hard – it makes you look a little too polarizing and eccentric.

What’s the problem in wearing more than one anklet?

Close up of man wearing multiple anklets.
Mo’ anklets…mo’ problems.

You ever heard the saying too much of a good thing, is bad? Or that “too much of anything is bad.” – Well this applies here even more so.

Like anyone you’ve ever seen whose worn multiple wrist bands or bracelets on one wrist, the main problem with wearing too many anklets is that the individuality of each anklet usually diminishes.

And rather than being able to show off your taste, and aesthetic through your anklet, with having too many…it rather just starts to make the whole look a little too messy and strange, with the more pieces you add to it. There’s too much going on, simply put.

Pick a good anklet, one that you like and are proud of, and let the world see it on your leg, let your favourite anklet’s style, material and aesthetic be shown off with nothing to hide, less is almost always more.

Wearing anklet on one leg or two legs?

This is where some rules within the liturgy of fashion entusiats will differ, as this is very much often down to the indivudals style, the anklet in question, and the rest of your outfit that either does, or does not correspond with your anklet.

Once again, the problem with anything in excess, is it overbears it’s hand to the point where it often (at least in fashion) can saturate the look as a whole, compromising the entire style choice, from the simple fact that there’s too much of everything going on.

While there are certain looks that can do well with this approach (like in certain types of high fashion), majority of the time for people on the street…this style of “too much” will just look outright tacky.

You wanna be the curious attention that people notice, you don’t wanna be the obvious attention that they get blind-sighted by.

Tip: I’ve always preferred to lather an air of mystery around me and my fashion choices, it intrigues others but also works with my own sense of style.

Dress for yourself but play with the curiosity of others, by going boldly minimal in your choice of style, and this case, your choice in anklets. Don’t be afraid to wear what you truly want, but don’t feel the need to show all your cards in one go, either.

Your best (and safest) route is to wear one anklet per leg at most (though I prefer one anklet total), and once again don’t forget to curate your entire look whilst you do this, working with all ur facets in wardrobe attire to help accentuate your awesome anklet – to make it stand out.

A history lesson- Men wearing anklets in the past?

Despite social and cultural settings that have now become commonplace in lands such as the West, men have been wearing anklets for alot longer than most people think.

Places amidst the Middle East and Africa, anklets were used to proclaim social status and social hierarchy. With lesser metals like silver being used for societies lower echelons, and gold for the upper. Anklets as a style, in general, have always been popular through the majority of ancient, and now modern times as well.

Like in current India (my birthplace) for example…

Male jewellery, in particular, is no more commonplace now in India than it was back in ancient times, a current, former, and future booming hub of glistening personas and people – men, women & children forever donning drapes and layers of precious metal decorum – anklets, piercings & bracelets alike. The regular standard.

And I for one, am all for it…

Best types of anklets for men

Like most things these days, no matter your mood, style, feel or material preference…there is something for everyone out there – and this includes anklets for men.

The plethora of choices for your anklets are:

  • Leather
  • Beach
  • Beaded
  • Hemp

Now these are the main ones you’ll most commonly see, however I’ve paired more affordable options along with more upscale options side by side down below. This way you can be the judge on how much/or little you’d prefer to spend on your soon to be new awesome men’s anklet.

Now while all the options below will say either “for men” or “unisex”, don’t forget that some women’s anklets/bracelets can still be used for men. Bracelets or anklets are not as complicated as clothes designated for a certain gender, and so you have waaaay more leeway in terms of style and fit.

Just apply common sense when picking your anklet, and keep an eye out for plain/and or neutral colours, if you fancy a supposedly marked “girly anklet.”

Leather Anklets

A lovely leather Onyx unisex anklet for both the sexes alike. Heck of a low price with numerous great reviews to match. Check it out here on Amazon for a great deal.

And here is another option to a more premium upscale Anklet – a Tigereye braided leather anklet, incorporated with stunning 925 Sterling silver (top of the line high-quality hypoallergenic silver, just FYI.)

This link will take you to where you can check this Tigereye anklet out, and also be sure to check out their other gorgeous looking men’s accessories.

Beach Anklets

A budget-friendly more beach appropriate cord anklet comprised of waxed cotton (ensuring your anklet can withstand the perilous watery depths of your ocean adventures.) You can find it over on here Amazon through this link.

This is a more upscale version of your beach-friendly beach anklet. A handmade and silver-plated anchor pendant to up your aquatic style game. This link will take you to it, over at

Beaded Anklets

A color variation of the first leather anklet, however, this one coming in blue and brown for that extra “spiritual look” if that’s more your style. Great reviews at a great price, you can find the link to amazon here.

Again you can find this awesome hybrid wooden walnut and gemstone African beaded anklet over at (they just have some quality stuff over there. This link will take you to this product on their page.

Hemp Anklets

Okay okay, these one’s hold a special place in my heart. Khao San road located in Bangkok, Thailand – Look it up. A small 400m/1300 ft long street filled to the brim with backpackers and tourists alike, packed full of all the “exotic” foods and fun that you could possibly imagine (naughty or nice) – along with buckets of alcohol (served in actual buckets.)

A chaotically wonderful time for me, the locals, and all my young friends growing up. And a fond purchase during each of our trips over there, came in the form of this locallly made hemp anklets that were sold in abundance -along with funny lewd writing sewed onto it…good times.

While hemp anklets won’t last you long due to their material, they’ll always look good for that casual setting and are readily available for cheap almost anywhere you go.

A bundle of 6 unisex hemp cords withy various patterns and designs to suit whatever mood you fancy being in that day, all for a great low price. The size is also adjustable, making it apt for not only your wrists but also your ankles. This link will take you to the product on Amazon. (Don’t worry, these ones do not contain any lewd writing.)

Like I said the majority of hemp bracelets and anklets will almost always be on the cheaper side. I’d recommend getting at least a few of these, in different colors – it’s definitely a casual look, so why not get a bundle?

Click here to check out the hemp anklet product above (the link will take you to

And because I am such a sucker for nostalgia, here is a link to a book on How to create Hemp jewellery you should check out if you’re more of the DYI type.

(Maybe THIS is how the sales ladies at Khao San road learnt how to make their awesome hemp bracelets and anklets…you never know.)

——Bonus Question!——

Can you wear an anklet as a bracelet?

To be trite, anklets are basically bigger bracelets. And I get it, perhaps you want a multi faceted fashion accesory to be able meet a multitude of your needs, like wearing your anklet as your bracelet as well.

The word bracelet is a word that stems in origin from Latin Brachile, which means “of the arm”, something to note but not obsesses over. The fact of the matter is that all anklets can be used as bracelets, but not all bracelets can be used as anklets due to the simple fact that bracelets tend to be smaller in diameter than anklets.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to wear your anklet as a bracelet if you really want, the only concern would be in finding one that won’t simply fall off your wrist (as obviously anklets naturally are bigger than bracelets in build.)

Though don’t fret if you come acorss the perfect anklet – that in this case – you’d rather wear on your wrist. A neat trick is to see if they have the same anklet model, but in children’s size, as this may be small enough to fit your adult wrist.

As you can tell there are far and few reasons as to why men shouldn’t wear anklets, with a plethroa of styles to pick from above as well as even other types of anklets/brawcelts that would be perfect for you to look into to meet you anklet wearing needs.

This look isn’t as ill-advised as perhaps “wearing socks with sandals”, or even “wearing hats on first dates”, however, it’s still a low key style taboo among men that needs to be disregarded entirely.

Extra anklet choices to check out

If you do decide to up the quality of your anklet even more, then the below list of choices perhaps might better suit your aesthetic needs, as long as you don’t mind possibly paying a higher premium for your swanky new men’s anklet.

  • Braided
  • Feathered
  • Corded
  • Gold or silver
  • Chainlink

“You can’t capture the enemy’s flag, without coming out of your trench.”

-White Gold (Netflix)

You won’t know your true limitations in fashion until you actually attempt to go out and revel… in all of em. All the nuances and unknowns of styles out there…that might just look good on you.

But you gotta get out of your “trench” first, in order to find out.

Stay Rogue.

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