Can anyone use beard oil on hair?- Cool benefits

Beard oil-benefits for hair.

Ah beard oils. A natural staple and wonderous elixir for men who sport the scruff. But can you use it on your hair, and would you want to?

You can use beard oil on scalp hair as beard oil (being made for the face) will generally be more dermatologically friendly than products made for the scalp. The oils will also help retain moisture and help fight off dandruff and dryness.

Is it okay to put beard oil in your hair daily?

Old man with little hair.

Generally speaking this wouldn’t be the wisest thing to do. Like anything, too much of a good thing can be bad, and constant usage of oils (made for beards or hair) often will leave the scalp worse off with things like dandruff and dryness.

Ironic, as I just stated oils would generally help prevent very the thing I’m claiming they now cause, but like I said too much of anything good, is bad.

In moderation, applying hair and/or beard oil will help with the following:

  • Provide you with hair protein
  • Prevent dandruff
  • Fight off grey hair
  • Help against any detriments caused by pollution
  • Smoothen and rid hair of any dryness
Hair/beard oils for men.
Image by Marina Pershina from Pixabay

The sweet spot would be to use oils for your hair a few times a week, provided you also wash your hair the next day (max). And also with this go easy on the shampoo and conditioners (if you choose to sport the oiled-up look often.)

Like I said, too much of anything good, is bad.

Can beard oil help minimize baldness/ promote hair growth?

Old 20's style newspaper drawing of old man selling hair oil jar to a young kid.

Unfortunately for my barren crowned dudes, beard/hair oils have not been scientifically proven to help with the promotion of hair growth. Generally speaking, renowned oils are used more for styling, appearance, and moisturizing reasons.

However don’t cry to your mum’s just yet, as there is countless anecdotal evidence out there that suggests some of the essential oils used for treating the scalp – that they do in fact help promote hair growth. But this could also be in conjunction with other lifestyle factors (diet etc.)

Nevertheless, however, if you have the money and are willing to see for yourself, then it most certainly couldn’t hurt to try it out.

How is beard oil different than regular hair oil?

A bottle of beard oil and a bottle of tea tree deodorant.

Even though your beard and hair are two branches from the same bush, the composition there’s made up of slightly differs (as well as the bed of skin upon which they grow from), and because of this, the products must differ.

Beard oil tends to be thicker in terms of consistency than that of hair oil, and this makes sense, beard hair tends to be thicker i.e. more coarse. Beard oil also deals with a scent more prominently than hair oil (as you wouldn’t want anything that closes to your nose to NOT smell good.)

Mint leaves resting in a botanist setting in mason jars.

Now where your concerns should lie would be in in the chemical make up between the hair and beard products. Hair supplements tend to have more leeway in this area, as scalp skin is a lot tougher and less sensitive than the dermis layer on your face.

Coupled that with the “oh so much” amount of sebum your scalp produces, and well…compared to the sorry skin on your face – your scalp might as well be considered tougher than that of nuclear bomb shelter…from Russia (nuff said.)

Benefits of beard oil?

Tattooed man with burly beard and tattoos.

But is there any point in using it on your head? Well first let’s look at the general benefits that possessors of such elixirs will gain from.

Beard oil’s will …

  • Moisterize the skin
  • Make your beard look fuller
  • Make your beard smell good
  • Allow you to tame that mane more so than a seal at a circus.
Sunflower oil.
Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

Some beard oils have antibacterial and antiseptic ingredients which can even heal wounds! Witchcraft most definitely, you’re right. With ingredients like grapeseed oil, the natural properties can help expedite the healing process (though don’t be a silly goose about it, in times of peril; go to the doc.)

And so, with all the itty bitty benefits here and there that beard oil helps with, combined with the naturally more skin-friendly makeup of beard oil itself (as it was primarily made for your sensitive face)… in a way it kind of only seems natural to wanna reap the same rewards, by applying it to your face too.

So let’s get into the specifics.

Which beard oil should you use for your head?

Man resting in bathtub with half his face surfacing with a scruffy beard.

You wanna watch out for small discrepancies when choosing your beard oils, as not all are made equal. First and foremost they should be non-comedogenic…now what does this mean?

Well unless you want to asphyxiate yourself silly by blocking the pores on your scalp, you’re better off letting those suckers breathe.

You need something that is easily absorbed by your sweet sweet skin, something along the lines of:

Coconut oil

Bowl of coconut oil for hair.

Improves hair and scalp health, treats dandruff and help keeps dryness away.

How to use: Mix a few drops in shampoo or use in hot oil treatment.

Amla Oil (native to India)

Amla hair oil vials for hair treatment.

An avid consumer, my Indian grandmother is all too familiar with this one (as is her kids, whom she forced the stuff on constantly…according to my mum. Good times.)

A hole-in-one potent spell, chalked full of just all-around health-promoting wonders. From nurturing follicle growth to improving scalp health, darkening hair naturally, amongst many others. Highly recommended.

How to use: Massage into scalp for 15 mins and then rinse out, or leave overnight before washing out.

Almond Oil

Almond hair oils for hair treatment.
Healthy Health Almond Oil Food Closeup Beauty

Increases shine, strength, helps treat split ends, and reduces hair breakage.

How to use: Apply warm oil into the massaged scalp, then wash off after 30 mins with a mild shampoo.

Argan Oil

Bottles of Argan conditioner hair oils sitting on a table.

Strengthens, conditions, and nourishes hair adds shine, and softens the overall lush bush that is your majestic fro.

How to use: Douse 1-2 drops in palms and rub together to warm up the liquid. Then smooth out hair follicles from root to tip with hands, feel free to blow dry or style with said oil still in the hair.

Avocado Oil

An avocado and a bottle of avocado oil for hair oil treatment.

Moisturizes and repairs damaged goods (the “goods” in this case being your hair), smoothens, and “silkens” (totally a real word) hair whilst keeping dandruff at bay.

How to use: Mix the stuff with your hair conditioner and then massage and leave on for 10 mins minimum. Rinse off with cold water after.

Macadamia Oil

A closeup of maccadmeia nuts.

One I’ve never used and personally never even really knew about, but let’s do it!

Basically another home-hitting moisturizer, hair strengthened, and split end “healer”, quite impressive.

How to use: You can leave this one in for an all-day protectant. Use a dime-size dollop serving, then apply.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oils and pastes for hair and skin treatment.
The stuff can be found in variety of products such as lip balms.

Pink Panther’s Inspector Clouseau’s favorite hair treatment product – treats dry itchy scalps, strengthens scalp and hair, tames dryness and frizz.

Pronounced “Huh-hoe-buh” – Look to The Pink Panther 2 (2009) for a more apt lesson in proper pronunciation.

How to use: Can add a few drops into your conditioner, apply straight on hair, or can use it as a pre-conditioner for the day, a few hours, or even overnight for a deep conditioner effect.

Olive Oil

Olive oil bottles.

One you’ve probably heard of, and for good reason, it works. Adds softness and shine, deeply conditions, reduces frizz, and helps treat split ends.

How to use: Apply liberally to your fro, then wrap up that mug with a towel or shower cap for around 15 minutes, then shampoo.

Castor Oil

Castor oil plant up close.
The castor oil plant

That thing old school parents used to force-feed their kids with (like Wendy in Peter Pan…poor Wendy.)

Castor oil hair growth, breakage, “treats” hair loss and improves scalp circulation.

How to use: Mix dime-sized amount in with any essential oil, then massage into scalp and leave in hair overnight. Wash off with shampoo (a “mild” preferably.)

Grapeseed Oil

Closeup of Grapeseed oil bottles for hair treatment.
Fun Fact: Grapeseed oil is actually processed from the seeds of grapes, which are a byproduct of winemaking.

Helps moisturize the scalp, prevents dandruff, and conditions hair, aiding in hair loss prevention and natural heat protectant, fancy this one is.

How to use: Apply a mere drop of oil into hair when slightly damp, this will leave you with a soft/shiny/smooth head.

“I’m the guy whose the guy, that all the other guys are like…“I’m just glad I’m not that guy.””

-Lovesick (Netflix)

Don’t be that guy, fellas…and check out the options listed above, those oils could help your hair (and style) in the LONG run. BUT make sure they’re non-comedogenic.

Stay Rogue.

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