Can you dry clean a leather coat?

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A leather jacket is your armored visage, it’s a statement piece. But you need to take care of it firstly, especially when it comes to cleaning it, and if you should dry clean it or not. But can you actually dry clean a leather coat?

Yes, you can, however, there are many caveats, as not all dry cleaners are equipped to handle cleaning leather, and/or may ruin it in the process. Make sure your dry cleaners are reputable with leather handling or know how to handle leather.

So while the technical answer is “yes”, many dry cleaners simply don’t know what to do with leather jackets, but below we’ll cover it all!

Can dry cleaners fix leather jackets?

Yes dry cleaners can fix your leather jackets, though they will likely outsource it to an expert specialist, as many dry cleaners will not have the capabilities or tools needed to dry clean your leather jacket safely in the store.

One must be careful when selecting reputable dry cleaners, as it oftentimes will be at their discretion whether or not they can safely and effectively handle dealing with your leather jacket – and if they have the foresight to keep their ego in check by sending your jacket to a specific specialist, or not.

It’s not a one size fits all situation when it comes to dry cleaners, as some materials – like leather – require specific attention to detail when cleaning.

Often times dry cleaners will use certain chemicals for cleaning, though on such material such as leather, this is ill-advisable to do so, as leather is a natural material.

Should you be careful when going to a dry cleaner with a leather jacket?

Take time when choosing your dry cleaning store and make sure they know how to handle your leather jacket. As leather is a natural material, a dry cleaner may end up drying out your leather jacket and ruining it if you’re not careful.

Dry clean leather jacket price?

The price of dry cleaning your leather jacket will cost between $30-$40, though other factors like rips, tears and holes can inflate the price by another $30-$40 – along with leather jacket re-coloration (if your jacket is discloured.) These factors can result in a price increase of over $100.

Dry cleaners that clean leather jackets?

Below are the top dry cleaners on the web who clean leather jackets, so look no further.

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Style tip: Remember no matter which dry cleaners you take your coat/leather jacket to, double check what their course of action is if they can’t in fact handle cleaning your leather clothing. Will they send it to a specialist? Do they even know what to do with it etc…? Be inquisitive and take initiative!]

Also note that note all dry cleaners are the same when it comes to the dy cleaning duration. Though a good guesstimate would be around 2 weeks, so plan ahead with your dry cleaning routine, it’s not exactly a walk in the park – for anybody.

Read the label!

As the title states, read the label!

Read the label of your leather jacket for cleaning the cloth, this will let you know exactly what your leather jacket needs.

And if you’re pressed for time, a dry cleaners may be a good bet, as if they are reputable and knowledgeable to begin with, they’ll (worst case) send it to a specialist.

This will also save you the hassle of looking for the expert yourself – but read the label, and look up your dry cleaners before you let them handle your leather jacket.

How to clean a leather jacket from the thrift store?

So you’ve snagged yourself a sweet find down at your local thrift store eh? It’s common for old leather jackets that have been out of the limelight to appear dull and worn in, but there are ways to clean your thrift store leather jacket.

To clean your thrift store leather jacket, firstly, use a horsehair brush to dust your jacket. Then, wipe down your jacket with a wet rag and apply a natural leather conditioner (eg. beeswax) with your fingers or a fresh rag all over. Once complete, hang your jacket to dry on a thick coat hanger.

This video goes over in detail the above-mentioned steps and should shed some light on how to make your jacket brand new once more!

Style tip: Whilst home remedies can work very well when you’re pressed for time or short on funds – ideally, it is always recommended to get your jacket professionally cleaned if you can.

How to wash a leather jacket inside?

The lining of a leather jacket interior is wholly different from its exterior. Due to this subtle yet vast difference, you need to approach the former lining differently.

Style tip: You needn’t take your jacket to a specialist to clean the lining, as this process is simple enough to do at home.

How to wash a leather jacket inside?

  • Firstly, flip the leather jacket inside and out
  • Fill a bucket with warm water with 1 tsp of a mild detergent (such as one by Seventh Generation Easy Dose detergent
  • Get a napkin/sponge and dip lightly into detergent (wring out excess water.)

If the odor is noticeably strong, add around 1/4 cup of baking soda OR vinegar to add to detergent solution mix.

  • Wipe all along the lining, especially in and around areas like the armpits, collar, and wrists (any area where the lining is exposed most to body oil heavy areas and dirt.
  • Wipe again with a sponge soaked in plain water (to wipe away excess soap)
  • Repeat a third time with a dry cloth (to ensure the water does not saturate the outer layer of leather.)
  • Then allow the lining to dry completely before flipping the jacket back out.

Best tips to ensure your leather jacket inside lining remains crisp

  • Always make sure to hang your leather jacket.
  • If possible, make sure to only use a wide padded hanger- to prevent leather deformation.
  • It is best to always have waterproofing proof/stain-proof sprays on deck in case there is an emergency. Such sprays like Atsko’s Silicone Water-Guard or Collonil waterproofing spray (both links to Amazon.)

For additional info on leather jackets and their water durability (like in the snow), check out my other article right here.

Style tip: If your jacket has creases, place a thick sheet of paper on top of the jacket before using an iron to wring out any creases.

How to clean a leather jacket at home?

Unlike old jackets that have already succumbed to the test of time, new leather jackets will be less effort to clean compared to old jackets bought a thrift for example. In fact, cleaning a leather jacket at home for mild stains and dirt is relatively easy.

To clean your leather jacket at home, you will need a special leather cleaner. Squirt a dime-sized amount onto a towel and massage into the leather gently. After, remove the excess solution with a separate towel, and hang it to dry.

Remember to ensure it is relatively dry before hanging to dry fully, because contrary to much information out there, your leather jacket is not waterproof.

If you want to know precisely how “waterproof” leather jackets are (and how to make them more waterproof), check out my other article on the very subject right here.

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